If you haven't joined the Facebook group Yellowstone National Park: Invasion of the Idiots, you're missing out.  The group has grown to over 148,000 members and seeing the latest idiot invasion is the best part of my morning.

The group highlights the lowlights of visitors to Yellowstone National Park. Really the situations that are posted in the group are 'shake my head' worthy, but also makes you wonder what in the world goes through peoples minds.

A very interesting part about the group is how the members get really involved in pointing out the shortcomings of some of the visitors to the park.

We get it, people are excited to be there and want to get a great picture to show off to people back home. The problem is they're putting themselves and others in danger.

When I joined the group, I noticed there are definitely members that feel they have a job to protect the park from the 'tourons' that visit, so they will post the pictures, videos and stories from said 'tourons'.

It's fun to see how many people get in on the action and make sure those that deserve the 'idiot badge' get their 15 minutes of fame. You sure would think that after a while, people would catch on that what they're about to do isn't safe and could get them labeled as a 'touron'. Nope...the same things keep happening over and over.

Have you ever been scrolling through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platform and gone down the rabbit hole of watching people get injured? We don't WANT to keep watching, we HAVE to. That's what happens in this Facebook group.

The group has become so popular that the administrators have started an online store at Invasion Nation.com with shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs and stickers with some of the funny sayings and situations that've happened over the years.

idiot item 2
idiot item 1
idiot item 3

Here are some of the people that have definitely been awarded the 'idiot badge'.

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