The owners of a magazine apparently intended for UFO enthusiasts are suing a major TV network in federal court.

According to a civil suit, filed on Monday, the owners of UFO Magazine are suing the Showtime Network over copyright infringement.

UFO Magazine is based in Cody.

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Court documents state Showtime began airing a television series titled "UFO" concerning extraterrestrial phenomena.

But UFO Magazine registered "UFO" as a trademark for entertainment purposes in 2007, then once again in 2011 and 2021.

"UFO Magazine has invested substantial time, effort and resources in developing its signature mark, and substantially more resources in using the mark to identify and promote its media products," the suit states. "Specifically, UFO Magazine has been in discussion for development of a UFO motion picture and/or television series for many years."

According to the civil complaint, UFO Magazine sent Showtime a letter in late 2021 demanding that Showtime cease and desist from infringing on uses of the "UFO" trademark.

UFO Magazine is seeking profits derived from Showtime Network's use of its trademarked name. Additionally, UFO Magazine is seeking a permanent injunction barring Showtime from using "UFO" in its programming titles.

The most recent edition of UFO Magazine appears to have been published in the summer of 2021. The most recent link on its website is an article published on January 12 dealing with recently discovered moonrocks.

Another article titled "Not Your Grandfather's UFO Sighting" takes a look at the proliferation of space drunk as countries have continued to launch more satellites into the air over the years.

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