Fall brings with it many things. The days get shorter and colder. The colors change. More and more bugs seek the refuge of your house. Well, that part stinks.

Have you seen these bugs around Casper lately? I have a bunch that love my garage especially the cracks around the door frame. It's an old house, and these boxelder bugs have plenty of places to hide.

They are not "stink bugs," but they do have a pungent form of defense. These boxelder bugs are dark brown with orange-red stripes along its wings. They are harmless to humans but can be a nuisance.

The cold weather brings them in to seek a warm and dry shelter. That's why they like warm Wyoming homes. If these bugs are a problem, the best way to defend your house is to winterize and yard cleanup. On the Pioneer Pest Control Website they wrote about the bugs saying:

These bugs feed on seedpods of seed-bearing boxelder trees as well as their flowers and leaves. Beside the boxelder tree, boxelder bugs also feed on ash and maple trees. They also have been known to eat plants bearing plums, grapes, pears, peaches, cherries, apples, and almonds.

If you are worried about your houseplants, you don't have cause for alarm. As The Spruce talked about in their story about boxelder bugs:

Boxelder bugs in and around houseplants are generally in search of moisture. Rarely will they cause any damage to these plants either.

They did mention that the boxelder bug poop can stain. Yeah, all bugs are better off outside.

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