Citing a "commitment to living within our means," Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon announced $500 million in cuts to the state's budget.

The announcement came minutes before Gordon is scheduled to address reporters at 4 p.m. Monday afternoon.

Monday's announced reductions are in addition to 10% cuts announced in July.

Gordon's proposed budget reflects 15% in cuts across the state.

In a news release, Gordon called the cuts regrettable.

As COVID-19 cases in Wyoming skyrocket, Gordon announced a proposed cut of $135 million to the Wyoming Department of Health. Programs facing slashed funding include disabled and low-income residents, mental health services, substance abuse treatment and developmental preschools.

"That is very tough," Gordon said on the health department budget cuts.

Other cuts include the University of Wyoming and Wyoming Department of Family Services.

Gordon said he was "handed" a $3.3 billion budget when he became governor in 2019.

Today, he has $2.4 billion to work with he said.

If the state's revenue picture doesn't improve, Gordon said, the cuts will likely be permanent.

They come after the state took substantial hits early this year as oil prices tanked following by a pandemic that is surging in Wyoming.

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