The last time the Wyoming Cowboy basketball team was invited to the CBI Tournament, the Pokes lost in the first game but Wyoming Center Adam Waddell had a play that will live on for years. With 15 minutes remaining in the 2nd period, the then freshman stole the ball and raced down the floor, launching himself from just inside the free throw line and jammed the ball into the basket. Waddell grabbed the rim and held on just a second too long sending him into a back flip that looked like a game ending land on his head, but only slowed down the player for a moment.

Adam Waddell and the best dunk ever.

The Cowboys went on to lose the game but this play took Waddell to New York for an interview on the Today Show, got him a spot on ESPN's Sportscenter Top 10 and a lasting legacy on You Tube with a number of much viewed replays that remain popular today.
The Wyoming Cowboys take on the North Dakota State Bison in the first round of this years CBI tomorrow night at the Arena Auditorium in Laramie. See the details of the CBI and how you can get tickets by clicking HERE.