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Logan Wilson
University of Wyoming Athletics

The former Wyoming All-American doesn't get too high or too low in any situation.

Nothing changed on this day exactly one year ago. If Logan was screaming inside, he certainly did a good job hiding it. At any second, his phone could ring. On the other end of the line, an NFL team, asking Wilson to join their organization.

It was Day 2 of the NFL Draft.

Though Logan remained calm and seemingly relaxed, the same can't be said for some family members who were huddled inside his east Casper home.

Then, his phone began to buzz.


Describing the emotions and excitement of the moment won't do it justice. Here's video proof of how it all went down:

Logan is a Cincinnati Bengal. The team selected him in the third round with the 65th overall pick.

"It's hard to explain," he said of his emotions. "It's overwhelming. My heart is still pounding.

"I'm just excited they picked me."

The tears and beers began to flow as Logan made his way to the back bedroom to introduce himself to the Cincinnati media. As for his family, their phones began to beep and vibrate, too.

"I'm up to 127," Trevor Wilson, Logan's father, laughed, showing the missed text messages.

Peyton Wilson's phone is blowing up, too. "I'm at 68. And I have 28 Snaps."

Bengals fans were already busy sending Logan's sister-friend requests on Facebook. It's weird, she said but knows it comes with the territory.

"How do they even know who I am?"

The only thing putting a damper on this parade is the reality of the world at the time. COVID-19 was starting to take its grip on the country. It was dominating the headlines worldwide. Unfortunately, the fear of contracting the virus sidelined Logan's biggest fan, his grandmother, Sharri, who was forced to join the celebration over a Zoom call from her home in South Dakota.

"She's been to almost more of his games than I have," Trevor said of his 78-year-young mother. "She's my travel buddy. We are devastated she couldn't be here, but her goal is to watch him play in the NFL.

"I'm sure she is home crying right now."

Trevor told me today that his mother's dream did come true last fall. The two traveled to Ohio and watched the Bengals take on the Giants around Thanksgiving time.

Logan now has one year of NFL experience under his belt. The linebacker played in 12 of the teams 16 games in 2020. An ankle injury prematurely ended his season. Logan racked up 33 tackles, picked up a sack, and intercepted two passes. One-off the right arm of Lamar Jackson, the other came courtesy of Carson Wentz.

Today, we look back at a whirlwind couple of weeks for the native Cowboy. The ups and downs, the wrench a virus threw in the process, and the emotions of a man fulfilling his childhood dream.

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