Over the past few months parents in several Wyoming communities have raised concerns about some of the books on the shelves in public school libraries across Wyoming.

Parents In Cheyenne, Gillette, and Casper are among those raising concerns. At a board meeting in Casper this week, parents raised several concerns, according to Townsquare Media affiliate KTWO radio;

''Among the books brought up, there are: Mondays Not ComingCrankTraffickGlassBurnedExquisite CaptiveYou Me and Him, and Gender Queer.

Many of the books cover difficult subject matters such as gender, sexuality, poverty, bullying, addiction, sex trafficking, and slavery.''

The KTWO article quoted one parent as telling school board members:

"We no longer trust you, we no longer have faith that you will work with us in educating our children," Bieber said. "We no longer trust that you keep the gates and help protect our kids. Ethical frailty and moral corruption is responsible for these atrocities against our children. This is not education, this is simply disgusting sickness. We're not your enemies, we're the parents and the families that would fight for you. We're the parents and families that fight for our children."

Similar concerns have been raised in other Wyoming communities, in recent months, including Cheyenne and Gillette. In Gillette, the possibility of filing criminal charges over five books that some claimed were "obscene" has been raised.

In general, many of the concerns at school board meetings around the state have centered around sexual content, sexual identity, and LGBTQ issues. But parents have also raised concerns about books focused on drug use, violence, bullying, and other sensitive topics.

So what do you think? Do schools need to limit some of the content on library shelves?

Or is that censorship and contrary to what libraries are supposed to do?

Take our survey and give us your opinion!

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