In the video below you'll see this New York City Police horse was born a wild horse in Wyoming. He lived that way for the first 5 years of his life. This is part of the BLM's wild horse program.

In the video Officer Olivieri of the New York PD Mounted Patrol, explains how her equine partner, Officer Gomez, now 7 years old, got from the planes of Wyoming to the big city of New York.

The BLM's wild horse program helps to maintain the Wyoming wild horse population. The horse known as Officer Gomez was captured by the BLM, and then sent to the Northern Nevada Correctional Center Wild Horse Facility.

At the correctional center, he was trained by prisoners to become a police officer. Let that sink in for a moment.

Wyoming Honor Farm Prison also trains wild horses for the BLM.

There is an the adoption center is north of Wheatland on HWY 320.

Then he was given his badge as an equine officer with the NYPD.

Technically he is my partner says officer Olivieri. So this police officer is not alone. Her fellow officer is a Wyoming horse.

The NYPD Mounted Unit, sometimes referred to as the "10 Foot Cops", is one of the largest mounted units in the country, with 4 troops, of about 55 horses, and active since 1858. (Bail Bonds Blog).

There is a little controversy, with some people saying that Gomez should have been left in the wild.

attachment-TikTok Wyoming horse now NYPD Officer


That's understandable, but there are so many wild horses out there, their numbers need to come down.

So why not give them a new life rather than culling them?

These horses seem to love their new lives.

Tourists give them a lot of positive attention and they get to chase bad guys on occasion.

Here is officer Gomez and his human partner chasing a suspect in Time Square.

As for the horse, he seems to be enjoying Wyoming life.

Officer Olivieri, says that Gomez "is spoiled and he deserves it", and by the looks of it in this video, he seems pretty happy to us also!

Watch the video and you'll see what seems to be a happy horse enjoying running the building canyons of a big city.

Here is a video of what life is like for an NYC Police Horse. They really are spoiled.

Their life in the city is beyond pampered compared to the hard life they would have living out in the wild of Wyoming, especially in the winter.

That famous Wyoming horse named Steamboat may not be who is on your license plate.

Wyoming License Plate

HERESY! How dare I claim that the horse on Wyoming's license plate is NOT the famous Steamboat?

Steamboat is Wyoming's most famous bucking horse. Few could ride him and those who did were impressed at how powerful that horse was and how hard he made it on the rider.

But when we take a look at where this fine silhouette of a cowboy and rider came from we find that it was never really meant to be anyone in particular.

The first time someone used a horse and ridder like this to represent Wyoming was back in World War 1.

The Wyoming National Guard went to France and Germany during the war.  A gentleman from Sheridan, Wyoming named George Auster Took his horse, named Red Wing, with him.

attachment-Wyoming PBS Youtube

George painted the image of his horse bucking a rider on the side of airplanes and other equipment.

This was the first time such an image was used to represent Wyoming.

In 1921 the University Of Wyoming used the famous photo that had been taken in 1903 of Guy Holt riding Steamboat.

But as you look at this photo, compared to the UW drawing, it does not look exactly the same. It was not supposed to be. This photo inspired the drawing.

attachment-Guy Holt Steamboat

Leap forward to 1936 when Lester C. Hunt was Wyoming Secretary Of State.

Mr. Hunt wanted an official logo for Wyoming's license plate. Up until then, there had not been one.

Mr. Hunt contacted an artist friend of his in Colorado to draw a horse and rider.

To this day many Wyoming towns claim that the rider is someone from their town.

To this day most people think that the horse is supposed to be the famous Steamboat.

attachment-Lester C Hunt Youtube

But according to the artist, he was just drawing a bucking horse and rider. He did not have anyone in mind, man or beast.

Okay, fine, the artist did not have anyone in mind. But that doesn't mean that we can't proclaim the horse to be Wyoming's famous STEAMBOAT!

As for who the ridder is, there were many famous rodeo riders from Wyoming back then. We can just let each Wyoming town claim it to be their guy and leave them to argue about it. That might actually be fun.

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