If you live out west or have ever visited, you know that the winds can do amazing things.

Apparently, even make waterfalls run UP!

Nothing as big as old faithful.

But still impressive.

A rare reverse waterfall was captured on video in Ivins, Utah, last week as strong winds ripped across the state.

This drone footage shows powerful gusts blowing the waterfall's stream back up a steep cliff.

So what happens then? Does the water land back in the river and try to go down again?

This drone footage is appearing all over social media.

It's a perfect example of how powerful western winds can be.

Recently hurricane Ian, in Florida, pushed a large amount of water out of Tampa Bay to the point that people were walking several football fields out into the bay.

At times an optical illusion makes it look like the Mississippi River is flowing backwards.

Folks will stand by the river in amazement thinking something really WEIRD is going on, but it's an illusion.

But the Mississippi has actually run backwards, for real.

The video below will explain it.

If you want to see something really mind-blowing, visit Thermopolis Wyoming and drive down into Wind River Canyon.

First, going in that direction, you are not driving down into the canyon, but UP!

Going south from Thermopolis into the canyon is uphill, even though the canyon is rising around you.

That makes it look like you are singing into a canyon, but you are actually rising in altitude.

That's why it looks like the water is running backwards in the Wind River Canyon, but it's not.

Then there are times when it is.

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