Collectors of classic and parts vehicles  in Natrona County continue the work of hammering out regulations governing that practice.

Natrona County Attorney, Bill Knight, presented the most current revisions to County Commissioners this week.

Coming out of the process, so far, is a new type of conditional use permit called a "Collector Car Storage Center Permit".   Knight outlines some of the conditions;

" the property must  be free of any other zoning violations, that there be a screening plan implemented and that plan must be approved by the planning and zoning commission."

At this point, Knight says, anyone living in an area zoned for agriculture, mining, or light and heavy industrial can have up to four cars with no permit and no screening. More than four vehicles would need that special use permit. If you live in a suburban or rural residential area a permit would be required for any number of unlicensed vehicles.

One big change from Commissioners blocks all vehicle collecting by urban and mobile home residents. Knight says that's due to  small lot sizes .

"There was concern that someone with a fifth of an acre just wouldn't have the property needed to start a car accumulation."

Knight is very careful to stress that it remains a work in progress, but  suggests the end may be near.

"I think its probably gone as far as we can toward reaching a middle ground and I think the Commissioners are moving to get this thing on the agenda by late April."