The United States Postal Service says an important deadline is fast approaching for Wyoming children who want to send letters and holiday wish lists to Santa Claus prior to his worldwide toy and gift delivery on Dec. 24.

Wyoming USPS spokesperson David Rupert says letters to Santa need to be mailed prior to Dec.10.

"Any child that wants to send a letter to Santa can send it to: North Pole, 4141 Postmark Drive, Anchorage, Alaska, 99530," Rupert said. “Any letter that gets up to the North Pole prior to Dec. 10 can get a postmark back."

Rupert says the USPS “Letters to Santa” program has been a longtime Postal Service staple since 1912.

“Postmaster General Frank Hitchcock authorized letters to Santa, and that’s when children first started dropping letters,” Rupert said. “Some of those letters back then just had ‘Santa’ and a stamp and we know what to do them, and we still do.”

The USPS says it delivers millions of letters to Santa each year.



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