The Re-Max Balloon Round Up continues through Sunday in Casper, with fun and festivities for all. You can find the details below but since I had the chance to take a ride (and do some live radio from the sky) I wanted to share that experience with you, along with some photos and pictures from high above.

On a beautiful, still morning at Fort Caspar I watched and waited as the expert pilots gauged the winds and weather, determining if it was safe to take the balloons up. They watched the "pilot balls", or helium balloons sent up to see what the winds were doing. They watched the breezes flow through the trees as the rising sun warmed temperatures and changed the winds, which were were inconsistent. My pilot, Pilot Coordinator Michael Gianetti, told me the two biggest factors for pilots were be safe, and have fun.

Eventually the determination was made that all was well, and suddenly there was action everywhere as the gondolas were unloaded, the colorful hot air balloons were rolled out and inflated, and it was time to clamor into the basket of the Fiesta Sunrise and launch.

Up we went into the morning, quiet and peaceful except for the blaze of the burners as Michael maneuvered through the different levels of winds to navigate our way over the City of Casper. We flew low along the river, then gained altitude to continue our flight before eventually landing in fields on the north side with our chase vehicle and crew close behind. We deflated the balloon, packed it up, and headed back to the Fort, mission accomplished. --Susan Burk

Here's the schedule for the rest of the weekend if you want to join in the festivities.

RE/MAX The Group's Balloon Roundup:

Friday, July 21st:

  • Pepsi's Balloon Glow Pilot Meet and Greet 6:00pm-10:00pm. at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds. Balloon Glow, Adult Paint and Sip, Live music, Kid's Carnival Rides, Beer Garden, Food Vendors and more.

Saturday, July 22nd:

  • Mass Launch 6:00 a.m. Central Wyoming Fairgrounds
  • Downtown Casper Balloon Fest sponsored by Foss Toyota, 6:00 pm-10:00pm. Balloon Candlestick, live music, kids activities, beer garden, food vendors and more.

Sunday, July 23rd: Mass Launch and Pepsi Kids Day, 6:00 am Central Wyoming Fairgrounds. Free tethered rides for kids ages five through twelve from 6:30am to 7:30am.

RE/MAX Balloon Roundup 2018


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