United Way of Natrona County is hosting its annual 'Grill and Chill' event on Wednesday, August 24 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. and the community is invited!

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This event is happening at David Street Station and it gives community members the opportunity to meet 35 Natrona County non-profit organizations and find out about the services that these organizations offer. It's the campaign kickoff for the 2023 season and it will impact the community in a myriad of ways.

The event will feature FREE food, which is always a plus. But there will also be live music, courtesy of local band Burning Bridges.

"This means so much to our team and to all the non-profits in our town," said Nikki Hawley, the Executive Director of United Way of Natrona County. "Through our grant process, our job at United Way is to financially support our 35 partner agencies to help provide programs and services. These partner agencies then help others in our community. It’s our 68th Annual Campaign Kickoff! An opportunity to come together and give back to those who need us most."

And that doesn't just go for the actual organizations they're partnering with. More than that, it goes for the people who are directly impacted by the services these organizations provide.

These non-profits include the Child Development Center, Casper Family Connections, the Children's Advocacy Project, the Wyoming Housing Network, the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, Mimi's House, and so many more. Each and every one of these organizations exist to better the lives of Natrona County residents, offering them housing, resources, food, healthcare, and many other services that they may not be able to find otherwise.

"Casper, time and time again, is recognized as one of the most giving communities in America," Hawley stated. "To anyone who lives here, it comes as no surprise. We understand that we are all in this together...and offer a helping hand whenever we can. That's the Wyoming way...and I think we take a great deal of pride in that."

Casper has always been a city where the people come together. The people of this town offer their hand any time it's needed. We help each other. We rely on each other. We encourage each other to live freely, to live fully; to, well, live united.

And that's exactly what we do.

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