State Troopers captured a fugitive from Alaska Tuesday following a traffic stop north of Farson. Starts with a simple traffic stop:

Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend said the trooper smelled marijuana, giving the trooper probable cause to search the vehicle, and once a user amount was discovered, to identify the passengers.

Sgt. Stephen Townsend, contraband found:

"And then the troopers checked on the three passengers that were in the vehicle, and one of those individuals turned out to be wanted by the Alaska state troopers in Anchorage, Alaska, on five felony charges."

Isaac P. Smith, 25, of Anchorage, Alaska, is wanted on felony charges that include sexual assault and felony incest, according to the Highway Patrol release.

When asked how a Wyoming Trooper could know of the warrants From Alaska, Sgt. Townsend answered NCIC.

Sgt. Townsend, national database:

"It's abbreviated. It's called NCIC, or the National Crime Information Center, and law enforcement agencies across the United States and Interpol, Canada, can enter fugitives that are wanted from their jurisdiction, and if they cross state lines, those warrants will show up in that national database."

Smith was taken into custody at the Sweetwater County Detention Center in Rock Springs, where he will be held for extradition to Alaska. The driver of the vehicle was cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and traffic violations.