Trial has started for an accused animal hoarder out of Colorado.

Georgia Moody is facing 13 counts of animal cruelty, 13 counts of failure to license an animal, and 13 counts of failure to immunize.

All charges are misdemeanors.

Casper Police say in February, officers responded to a call regarding a Jeep Cherokee with a trailer attached.

The Jeep was full of personal belongings and appeared as though someone was living in it.

Inside they found a cat and the vehicle smelled strongly of urine and feces.

The stench from the trailer was even stronger, and upon looking inside, officers found four, stacked wire kennel crates filled with a dozen Siberian Huskies.

Urine and feces covered the animals and tainted what little food and water were in the trailer.

A small puppy had to be euthanized on the spot by Metro Animal Control, who had been called to the scene.

In opening statements, the defense said that Moody was doing the best she could, and had just moved to Wyoming from Colorado.

She has had all the animals since they were young, and could not afford the cost of boarding them.

The trial is expected to last at least two days.