All eyes will be on Casper this month thanks to TIME's live YouTube broadcast.

We're getting ever so close to seeing this total solar eclipse and thanks to the eclipse lottery, Casper is one of the premier locations to witness this solar phenomenon. I can't wait. It's been quite sometime since the United States has had a front row seat to a total solar eclipse.

Needless to say, it's a pretty big deal.

With Casper having the some of the best views, obviously this means a ton of people flocking to our backyard... Including TIME. They have been advertising on their YouTube channel that they will be hosting a live stream of the eclipse for the world to see. It's called the "Great American Solar Eclipse" and they have enlisted the help of Amy Shira Teitel to host. Amy is a spaceflight historian and author. She has confirmed what we already know, that this is not something to be missed.

If you want to watch the stream, you can see it here.


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