As the last of the lazy days of summer slowly creep by, there's a definite feel of Fall in the air.

Fall brings us what many will argue is America's new true past time...Football has become the game in which the world seems to stop. From the hometown Trojans and Mustangs, to the Wyoming Cowboys and Denver Broncos, Casper and Wyoming is not lost in the obsession.

There are many reasons to look forward to fall here's a few to consider.

  • Ken Harding, Getty Images
    Ken Harding, Getty Images

    Moving the Clock Back One Hour

    Most Americans who have to deal with the time change find it to be a nuisance. The ire is a little less vociferous when we fall back and get that extra hour of sleep.

    Daylight Savings Time will end officially at 2am November, 6th. Enjoy your extra hour of snooze time.

  • William Mancebo, Getty Images
    William Mancebo, Getty Images

    Are You Ready for Some Football

    It's not a big secret the NFL has overtaken MLB as the most popular sports league in the country.

    The game is so huge there's almost a game on every night.

    If your allegiance lies more in local High School sports a new season of High School Football kicked off this past Friday night. Follow the Trojans and Mustangs all season long on AM 1400 ESPN Radio.

    The Wyoming Cowboys new season will begin Saturday, September 3rd, at War Memorial Stadium in Laramie.

    Hope your season is a good one. VFL!


  • Mark Wilson, Getty Images
    Mark Wilson, Getty Images

    The Colors of Fall

    Fall brings some spectacular foliage colors. I love to see the Aspens with the backdrop of the other colors on Casper Mountain.

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    Bonfires With Friends

    There's something about loading up the truck heading out in the country and blazin' up a bonfire.

    The hot dry conditions will probably prevent this one until we get some moisture. Property may be an issue too, if you or your friends don't own. Always respect property owners.

  • Tim Boyle,Getty Images
    Tim Boyle,Getty Images

    Taking a Hayride

    Hayrides are fun with the family and friends. The best are offered as Halloween rides where Zombies await their dinner to pass by on the trail.

    Some are offered as extra options at corn mazes and haunted houses. Enjoy all the Fall Season will bring.





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