Japan’s Trade Deficit Balloons To Record High
TOKYO (AP) — Japan says its trade deficit ballooned to a record high 1.48 trillion yen ($18.7 billion) in January, the biggest in the three decades that such data became available.
The numbers released Monday by the Ministry of Finance highlight this nation's surging import of fuel after t…
Japan Population To Shrink By One-Third By 2060
TOKYO (AP) — Japan's rapid aging means the national population of 128 million will shrink by one-third by 2060 and seniors will account for 40 percent of people, placing a greater burden on the shrinking work force population to support the social security and tax systems...
Japan Disaster Photos – Before and After
Japan is still trying to recover in the aftermath of the 8.9 earthquake that rocked the nation just a few days ago.
Now you can now see before and after photos in an interactive overlay gallery of the Japan devastation.

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