A recent study released by 1Point21 Interactive shows that Fremont County in Wyoming has the highest percent of fatal crashes that were the result of drunk driving, at 47%.

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Of the 250 fatal crashes in Fremont County from 2000 to 2019, 118 of them were the result of drunk driving, with Wakulla County in Florida and Marinette County Wisconsin also scoring close to 47%.

On the other end of the spectrum, eight counties in Utah made the top 25 lowest counties with drunk drivers in fatal car accidents, which the study attributes to the states high Mormon population.

Wyoming also has the second highest average blood alcohol contents of fatal drunk driving cases in the nation, at .193, just below North Dakota at .195, and just above South Dakota at .192.

Brian Beltz, with 1Point21 Interactive, said that, as a parent, what most surprised him about the data was how many more children are killed by drivers who are buzzed, compared to drunk.

In the 19 years that they looked at, 202,976 people were killed by those with a BAC between .01 and .08, with 17,418, or 9%, being children, compared to 216,070 people were killed by those with a BAC over .08, with 9,691, or 4%, being children.

Most counties in Wyoming, based on the data from study, had drunk driving fatalities from people with a BAC above .08, with only Carbon, Platte, and Niobrara having more drunk driving deaths due to drivers with a BAC between .01 and .08.

When it comes to Fremont County Beltz said, based on the data, many of the crashes line up to where casino's are in the area, and that drunk drivers in that county had a higher average BAC level as well at .215.

Beltz said they conducted the study with the goal of raising awareness for the dangers posed by drunk driving.

"For us, I wanted to look at as many angles of this data. If one thing connects with someone and makes them think twice, or change their behavior and avoid a collision like this, then that's what we were hoping for."

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