Every year the Wyoming Economic Analysis Division gathers the state's economic data into a compendium called the Wyoming Employment, Income, and Gross Domestic Product Report.

Wyoming's economic conditions:

"This is annual data and this actually comes from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the BLS, and in 2010, Wyoming's unemployment rate was 7 percent, which ranked 42nd in the nation, so that means it was pretty low. For the U.S. it was 9.6 percent."

Amy Bittner, senior economist with the state, outlines what's in the report.

Compendium with summary:

"Tables on employment, income, for Wyoming and the counties. We also put information in there, employment and income data for the U.S. as well as other states, and just kind of put them in a nice compendium where you can access tables of specific information or specific areas of Wyoming, the state, the counties. And then we also provide a little summary, written narrative of the information that we get from the Bureau of Economic Analysis."

The information is gathered from federal sources such as the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, and Ms. Bittner says they hope it's helpful to compile Wyoming data into the report.

Wyoming division website:

"It's on our homepage under our 'What's New' section, and our website is eadiv.state.wy.gov."