The Natrona County homeowner whose house was hit by a bullet that apparently traveled about a mile from a shooting range west of Casper has agreed to wait on a National Rifle Association study before any further action is taken.

This week, Natrona County Commissioners put a ban on ammunition larger than .40 calibers at the Poison Spider Shooting Range following the incident that happened in September.

"Apparently when the bullet hit the metal roof it set off the alarms in his house so he knew about what time it was."

County commission Chair, Ed Opella says the homeowner, Will Duel believes the bullet came from the shooting range used by the Platte River Rod and Gun Club.

The range, located in the 12 mile road area, has, according to Opella, been there for many years and this is the first such incident. The range leases its land from the county.

The Commission discussed moving the long distance targets at the range and Opella says the compromise for now is to have the study of the range done by the NRA and wait on their recommendations.

"So we're just trying to work out a safe solution so the folks in the gun club can have a place to go and safely use there weapons, plus make the gentleman whose house is near the range feel a lot safer and his family."

Commissioners are also calling for a Range Safety Officer to be on site full time.