Wyoming's senior senator introduced a bill Thursday that proposes to cut Congressional spending by 1 percent. U.S. Sen. Mike Enzi believes just a 1 percent cut in spending would go a long way toward solving the nation's fiscal problems, according to a release from his office.

One percent would make difference:

"If Congress can’t reduce spending by a single percentage point, just 1 percent each year, it basically has given up and decided to leave this huge and growing debt pile to tower above our children and grandchildren, casting a grand shadow over their future."

Sen. Enzi's plan would balance the budget by the eighth year, and when the budget is balanced, it would put a cap on spending. Sen. Enzi also challenged other lawmakers to get behind the One Percent Spending Reduction bill.

Constituents are watching:

"This proposal is simple, effective and real. It’s a winning combination that I hope my colleagues can get behind. If they can’t, I hope the people who elect them will."