A Casper woman was recently arrested after a police search for stolen tools and electronic devices led officers to allegedly discover methamphetamine and marijuana.

Valarie J. Hensler, 25, was booked into jail on charges of possession of marijuana and possession of methamphetamine.

Brandon Shea, 32, was arrested on charges of meth possession and interference, as well as a probation revocation.

Charging documents say on the morning of May 23, officers went to a trailer home on Lathrop Road to execute a search warrant for possible stolen tools and electronics.

Officers went into the home and allegedly found a glass marijuana pipe, a spoon with methamphetamine residue and a meth pipe in a bedroom which Hensler said she shared with 32-year-old Brandon Shea.

As police continued to search the home, a detective and an officer reportedly saw a purple Dodge Durango drive near the residence. The Durango, occupied by two people, drove away after seeing police vehicles.

Police found the SUV and Hensler a short distance away. Looking through the window of the vehicle, officers reportedly saw Dewalt tools.

The Dodge was towed back to the Casper Police Department, pending a search warrant.

Officers spoke with Hensler, who allegedly said the meth in the trailer home and the vehicle belonged to both her and Shea. Hensler also reportedly said she and Shea used meth together, but Shea had his probation revoked on May 22 for drug use.

Hensler said there were "cubbies" on the floorboard of the Durango which contained meth baggies, syringes and possibly pipes and "tooters," which are used to snort methamphetamine. Hensler reportedly told police she typically smokes or injects meth.

According to the affidavit, Hensler said Shea had been in the Durango with her as the two approached the home, but ran away when Hensler stopped. She added Shea threw a baggie of meth into the back seat of the vehicle before he took off.

The next day, a detective and police sergeant returned to the trailer to speak with Hensler and Shea, who both allegedly admitted to keeping lookout while a friend of their cut the fence to the lot and broke into the Durango. They reportedly said they only took Hensler's purse from the vehicle, since she had a meeting and needed money for cab fare.

But when officers searched the purple Dodge two days later, the tool bag containing the Dewalt tools was no longer there.

However, a detective did find a hygiene-style bag, which allegedly contained 1.69 grams of methamphetamine as well as paraphernalia, in the rear of the Durango.

Police arrested Hensler and Shea shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday.

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