Well guys, it looks like you won't be able to wear your pants hitched south of your butt and use your cell phone during class to call your girl while she's wearing her ultra short shorts and a bud -- or Bud Light -- T-shirt.

Or vice versa, for that matter.

The school district board will review new policies about dress codes and cell phones during its meeting at the Central Services Building, 970 N. Glenn Road, at 7:30 p.m. today.

"The Natrona County School District Board of Trustees believes the way you look and speak affects your behavior and academic performance," according to the agenda. "It is the intent to create a culture in schools where the focus is on learning."

What's in with the new guidelines: Shirts and blouses covering the back, top of the shoulders and stomach; shorts and skirts below mid-thigh; pants on or over the hips; and appropriate shoes.

What's out: Halter-tops, spaghetti straps, low cut tops and undergarments; short shorts; sagging pants; hats, caps, bandannas, sweatbands, sunglasses, chains, dog collars and sharp objects; slippers, fluffy or otherwise; sleepwear; clothing and personal items with racist, sexist, or vulgar language, or promote drugs and alcohol.

Students who do not comply will be referred to the administration, which will notify their parents or guardians.

The same goes for staff: "All staff shall dress in a manner that distinguishes them as professionals. Tee-shirts and jeans are not professional dress. Jeans may be worn when school is not in session, on Fridays, or on field trips, at the discretion of the administrator."

The dress code also has a line about bad language. "The use of profanity, vulgarity, put-downs, sarcasm, or name-calling is inappropriate at all times."

Besides the dress code, the board of trustees will look at a new policy about mobile electronic devices.

"Cell phones, and other mobile devices,. are a distraction and disruptive to the educational process," according to the proposed policy.

Their use won't be allowed by either staff or students when they are in class. They may be used during lunch periods.

"Unauthorized use of these devices will result in confiscation and they will be stored in the school office until the end of the school day," according to the proposed policy.

Parents who need to speak with their children may contact the school office for help.

Students and staff are responsible for their mobile devices' safe-keeping, too, according to the proposed policy. "The District is not responsible for loss or theft of such devices."

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NSCD Dress Code Guidelines 5-7-15
Natrona County School District

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