Respect Our River – Saved by the Jacket is an organization created on September 9, 2014 after a tragic drowning on the Platte River, with the initiative to “Create a safer river environment for our residents and visitors”. A collaboration between local businesses, the City of Casper and over 30 local sponsors.

A launch event is scheduled on May 16, 2015 from 12-3 at the Tate Pump House. This event is free and the community is encouraged to attend. There will be free food and drink, firefighters will be serving, music will be provided by Rob Staffig and his band, numerous activities and events, demonstrations and a number of demonstrations.

Respect Our River has achieved many milestones in its short tenure:

· Life Jacket Loan Stands – Designed to display life jackets that can be borrowed at no cost and returned after each use, strategically placed near popular open water sites along the river.
· Danger Signs – 22 signs “Do not enter without life jacket” have been placed along the water’s edge.
· Radio Public Safety Announcements
· 15 Throw Rings and Rope Stations
· Education Initiative – ‘Respect Our River – Saved by the Jacket’ – Water safety education in our school systems and community venues. Education includes safety messages about when, where and how to properly wear a life jacket.

Respect Our River has been recognized with a National Water Safety Award by Aaron Kerr with the Game and Fish and has also received a letter of commendation by the National Water Safety Congress.