If there was a theme of Casper's Parade Day, it would be one of civic pride and community. Many of the floats throughout the parade were adorned with both American and Wyoming flags. People were excited to be at the parade. They were excited to be outside. They were excited to be...together.

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Governor Mark Gordon was one of the first to drive by, waving at the crowd and tipping his hat to his constituents. But, as it is every year, it was the floats with the candy that were the real stars of the show.

Children's laughter echoed throughout Downtown Casper. So, too, did some screams from time to time as water guns drenched random passers-by. Or, passed-by, rather. There were dogs, and llamas, and blow-up teeth (oh my!). City council members, political figures seeking election or re-election, police officers, firefighters, and other service-people were honored with applause.

But it was still the candy that got the biggest reaction.

Best of all, Casper was overcast throughout the morning, which means it wasn't nearly as hot as it could have been, making the day an overall pleasant one for all involved.

If you weren't there, don't fret. We snapped some pictures that captured the mood, the atmosphere and, yes, the candy.

Check out the photos below and see if you can recognize anybody you know! Casper Parade Day, for all intents and purposes,  was a rousing success; it brought the community together and it rewarded their earnestness with Smartees, Starbursts, suckers and a slew of memories.

2021 Casper Parade Day

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