With the winter cold comes a reminder from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Don't forget about Rover or Spot, who may not be withstanding the cold as much as we think he is.

Bring pets in from cold:

"Bring 'em in if it's this cold out. You know, it's just common sense, the best thing you can do for your animal is bring him in if it gets this cold."

Ashley Gonzales, spokesperson for PETA, was asked for some practical measures people can do for pets who spend a lot of time outside.

Practical measures for outside pets:

"It's really important to use some kind of dry bedding like straw. Make sure that their water source is not frozen over, if you have to go out and break up the ice on top of the water bowl a few times a day just to make sure their still getting water. And outside dogs also need extra food rations during the winter time since they're burning more calories to keep warm."

Gonzales says the same things apply to cats who spend time outside, shelter, dry bedding, drinkable water and extra food. Although, Gonzales added, being outside is especially dangerous for cats, because of traffic and other factors.