There's a demonstration planned for Casper at noon today (Wednesday) to bring awareness to the cruelty of fishing. PETA, People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals, wants people to think about the message parents are sending to their children, says Virginia Fort, senior campaigner for PETA.

Peta in Casper:

"We will be holding posters that say, 'Don't let your kids become hookers, fishing hurts, fish are friends not food.' We're hoping to hand out lots of leaflets, lot of information and have some really good discussions with people about the benefits of not only not fishing but also about the benefits of going vegetarian or vegan."

Ms. Fort said that, yes, sport fishing may have been a right of passage in generations past, but we're in the 21st century now, and we don't need to be wearing animal skins and slaughtering animals for food.

Cruelty of sport fishing:

"Most people wouldn't go out and try and hook the family dog because we see that as cruel. Yet fish, in recent decades, have been proven to feel pain just like our cats and dogs at home do, yet we see it's okay to go sport fishing, fishing for fun. We are essentially torturing these animals for our own entertainment. I think most people will agree that's not right. Torturing an animal for your own entertainment can be see as sick and cruel."

PETA plans to demonstrate in front of the Ugly Bug Fly Shop on Center Street in Casper.

If you're interested:

"For more information and to order their own vegetarian starter kit, people can call 1-888-VEG-FOOD or they can visit our website at"


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