There's a Casper city ordinance that says an RV can be parked on the street for only five days during any given month. An RV can be a camper, a boat, a trailer, anything that's not a passenger vehicle being stored on the street.

Five days total per 30:

"Five days in any 30-day period, if we have a neighbor who's complaining about a neighbor, we'll come and talk to you and say, hey, how long've you had it there and they'll say 10 days. It's like, well you need to move it. We try and work with people on that because we do not know how long it's been there."

Shelley LeClere, code enforcement supervisor for the city, says the ordinance is because RVs create a hazard when there's snow.

Moveable stationary objects:

"The problem it creates, particularly in the wintertime, is drifting snow problems, even a small utility trailer, the very very tiny ones, the snow will drift around it and it can block off the street. If you're on a snow plow route, it makes it almost impossible for snow plows because it changes how the snow is laying in the street, so they're absolutely prohibited on the snow route, but even on those streets where they're not snow routes, we're asking people to remove them just because of the high winds that we get."

Worst-case scenario is going before a judge and paying a fine for every day of code violation, but they don't want to be that heavy handed, says LeClere.

Ordinance as last resort:

"We've also been sending out courtesy letters; some people will find maybe a flyer taped to their RV just letting them know, because a lot of people don't know this ordinance exists, so we're trying to communicate and not be heavy handed about it and just ask for people's assistance and understanding ast to what we're trying to accomplish."

For more information, contact the code enforcement office.

Questions or comments:

"Call code enforcement at 235-8254; they can also access us on the Web at and you go into Neighborhood Rules and Regulations and then you can follow a link to code enforcement."


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