Fewer of us are buying real Christmas trees these days. Tree growers are feeling the slowdown and the U.S. Department of Agriculture is asking you to think again next year.

For some its the hassle of trees that drop needles, the stand that doesn't quite work or even having to go out and chop or just pick one out from a lot.

But Rick Dungee, with the National Christmas Tree Association, says these days you may not need to even leave your home..

"There are more and more businesses that are offering set up and take down services. It may be a niche market, but there are people out there who wouldn't ordinarily get a tree if they didn't know that was an option. Like, 'Wow, I can actually basically rent a tree.' And then some businesses even call it tree rental. I can pay someone to bring a tree to me, three or four weeks later they come and tear it town and take it away."

And if you don't want quite that level of convenience, Dungee says you can go online and have a tree shipped.

"Buy it right on line direct from the farm. It shows up in a Fed EX box just like any other package."

He says these days the stands available are a lot better and special watering devices exist.

"These water reservoirs...I've got a pair at home they look like Santa boots. Its got a tube basically that goes into the stand. It's like a siphon. So when the water level starts to go down it pulls water out of the reservoir and fills the stand by itself."

That's a good option if you need to travel over the holiday.

So next year the USDA suggest you give a real tree a shot.

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