Natrona County's Emergency Manager was one of thousands who responded in support of relief efforts on the east coast after Hurricane Sandy. Lt. Stu Anderson, acting on behalf of Federal Emergency Management Community Relations, says he was actually in place prior to the hurricane making land fall. Anderson says he spent about three weeks with most of his time spent in New York, both in the Bronx and then Staten Island.

"Specifically we were assigned to Staten Island to help the NYPD with their personnel who had been working basically non stop, but they had lots of their personnel who had their homes destroyed."

Anderson says folks reported that the water, when it hit, came on like a tsunami. He says the big lesson learned for most was, when the authorities say evacuate... do it.

In the worst hit areas, Anderson says, cleanup is nowhere near complete with years of rebuilding of homes and infrastructure ahead.

Listen here for the extended interview with Natrona County Emergency Manager Lt. Stu Anderson.



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