The Natrona County School District's lawsuit against e-cigarette manufacturer JUUL Labs, Inc., has been transferred to a federal court in northern California where it joins hundreds of similar legal actions, according to federal court records filed Monday.

The district's lawsuit will join more than 180 similar actions in a multi-district litigation against the San Francisco-based JUUL Labs, Inc.

On June 17, the district filed the lawsuit alleging Juul has cost it a lot of time and resources to combat the use of its nicotine products by students, according to the complaint filed by Jackson attorney Jason Ochs, who is paying the legal fees.

Och's complaint makes claims similar to those in other lawsuits, according to the transfer order filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

In May, the district's board of trustees agreed to sue after receiving reports earlier this year about the high number of students who use -- or "vape" -- e-cigarettes -- an electronic device that vaporizes chemicals often containing nicotine and other chemicals and are inhaled.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal and state agencies have been investigating the lung injuries caused by vaping.

in the lawsuit, Ochs outlined the development of e-cigarettes from the company's formation, its misrepresentation of its design and the highly addictive nicotine delivery system, its use of social media to influence youth, and how schools are disproportionally harmed by JUUL.

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