A separate parks department is under consideration for Natrona County.

Currently Roads, Bridges and Parks are combined, but it wasn't always that way.

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"The issue is really multi-fold. At one time a number of years ago the parks department was independent of road and bridge."

Natrona County Commissioner, Bill McDowell, says the idea to separate out the departments comes after recent interest in issues around Rotary Park and the planning process completed last year for the Alcove-Pathfinder-Greyreef corridor. The activity has led some to think it may be time for a change and "to see if it would make sense to now have a park's superintendent that is fully focused on just parks."

McDowell says county commissioners expect to sit down in early February with Park's Board members and hear their input and advice as to whether its a good idea.

Casper Mountain's Bear Trap and Crimson Dawn Parks, Hells Half Acre, along with Grey Reef to Miracle Mile are just some of the recreational areas that fall under the county's jurisdiction.