The Natrona County Commissioners have chosen Paul Bertoglio to fill the seat vacated by Commissioner Steve Schlager.

Bertoglio was an 18-year veteran of the Casper City Council, and was mayor three times.

Commissioners met for a special meeting at 1 p.m. today to interview Bertoglio Morgan DeWitt and Michelle Sabrosky, who were chosen by the Natrona County Republican Party's central committee Wednesday. The local GOP chose them among the 12 applicants for the position that was vacated when former Commissioner Steve Schlager resigned on May 5.

After the interviews, the commissioners went into executive session to discuss the three. They came back to the regular meeting after about 15 minutes. Commissioner Forrest Chadwick moved to choose Bertoglio and Rob Hendry seconded the motion.

Hendry and Chadwick cited Bertoglio's experience on Casper City Council and dealing with the federal government because of his energy industry experience.

"I feel like Paul can hit the ground running," Hendry said.

However, Matt Keating said he favored Sabrosky.

"She has a clarity to explain things in a way I wish I could," Keating said.

During the interviews, DeWitt, Sabrosky and Bertoglio -- in that order -- were brought into the former courtroom in the old courthouse at 200 N. Center St.

They were asked five questions about dealing with federal regulations, the effectiveness of the Wyoming Business Council and the State Loan and Investment Board to promote economic development, the Legislature's leaving unchanged the $105 million allocation to cities and counties, the use of Optional One-Cent Sales Tax revenues on infrastructure and other priorities, and the current relationship between the counties and the state.