The Natrona County Commission approved the sale of four acres north of Casper at its meeting Tuesday.

Two weeks ago, commissioners tabled the proposed purchase of the land north of Bar Nunn and east of Interstate 25, which is among many unwanted parcels in what County Attorney Bill Knight called a "binder full of properties."

B&B Ventures LLC submitted a bid to buy the property for $3,692.50, which claimed is based on the value of nearby properties, but commissioners balked and table the motion to sell.

Commissioner Bill McDowell wanted the county assessor to review the values of neighboring lots, which may be significantly higher, he said.

After the county assessor checked out this and nearby properties, commissioners agreed Tuesday this was a fair price.

During the public hearing, Paul Paad said the sale would not only unload the land, but put the property back on the tax rolls. "It's a good deal for the county."

After the meeting, McDowell said the buyer and other parties determined that nearby property was going for $500 an acre.

"We're getting $800 an acre, so we're satisfied that we're getting value for the members of the county," he said.