As the Natrona County Board of Elections works on certifying the election results, according to the unofficial results, 22,953 total ballots were cast in the county, out of the 37,500 registered voters, leading to a 61.21% turnout.

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This is slightly higher than the 22,380 total ballots that were cast in the 2022 August primary but that still led to a higher turnout of 63.01% as there were fewer registered voters at 35,517.

Both were still lower than the 35,391 ballots cast in the 2020 general election, and lower than the 24,662 ballots cast in the 2018 general election, which also had a higher turnout of 70.24%, though there were only 35,113 registered voters at that time.

Going back further, the number of ballots cast this year was higher than in previous midterm elections like 2014, when 21,350 ballots were cast, but lower than the 23,317 ballots cast in 2010.

In the state as a whole, there are 297,639 registered voters by Nov. 8, and according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State's office, 198,153 ballots were cast on Tuesday, leading to a 66.57% turnout.

Tracy Good, the County Clerk for Natrona County, said that the canvassing board is meeting today to certify the results of the general election and they hope they will have the official results by the end of the day on Thursday.

In this most recent election, Good said that there were around 4,173 in-house votes and 3,270 mail-in votes, leading to around 7,443 total early votes.

Good said they'll have to finish certifying the most recent results before they can be sure what, if any, changes to make before 2024, and that she appreciates all the hard work people put in to make the election run smoothly.

"There's always room for improvement, but nothing that sticks out right now," Good said. "So we'll be working on some maybe newer procedures or updated procedures next year going into 2024, but what those look like I don't know always thanks for everyone, all the staff joining departments that help make it happen. It not just the county clerks office, it's the IT department, it's the road and bridge department, the fairgrounds. There's a lot of moving parts that people don't realize a lot of people are involved to help pull it off. I couldn't do it without them."

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