The Natrona County Commission on Tuesday selected its leaders for 2017, but they weren't all new and the nominations reflected a rift among the five commissioners.

The commissioners convened their regular meeting after they held a special meeting to appoint Joe MacGuire to fill the vacancy left when House District 35 Rep. Kendell Kroeker resigned.

As the 2017 commission's first order of business, Chairman Forrest Chadwick asked for nominations

Steve Schlager nominated Matt Keating for chairman.

Rob Hendry nominated John Lawson for chairman and Chadwick for vice chairman.

Keating then nominated Schlager for vice chairman.

Chadwick called for a vote on the Keating nomination, and Keating and Schlager uttered the only "ayes."

He then called for a vote on the Lawson-Chadwick combination. Hendry, Lawson and Chadwick said "aye."

Keating asked if there would be a discussion, and Chadwick shot back, "not on nominations."

Chadwick asked for a vote about Schlager, and Schlager and Keating said "aye."

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chadwick began conducting the meeting, but Schlager and Keating made a point of order saying Chadwick was no longer the chairman.

Chadwick said Lawson's chairmanship did not become effective until the next meeting.

County Clerk Renea Vitto said if that were the case, the commissioners should have put that in the motion for the new leadership.

Chadwick relented and Lawson took over as chairman.

In other business on its agenda, the commission granted two requests that were subject of public hearings.

The commission approved the creation of the 6.4-acre Boyce Subdivision with two lots at 2774 Salt Creek Highway. The county's Planning and Zoning Commission had previously approved the subdivision and it received no comments about its development.

It also approved a request by Mountain Properties, LLC, represented by Nancy Yust, for the creation of the 69.9-acre Sunburst Acres subdivision divided into six lots near Micro Road on Casper Mountain. Five of the six lots will be platted for houses, and the sixth lot will be open space.

However, several mountain residents raised questions in letters to the Planning and Zoning Commission that additional development will affect the aquifer and add to congestion on the mountain.

The commission sent a third request back to the Planning and Zoning for further consideration and recommendation.

That request was for a Conditional Use Permit to park four large trucks with flatbed trailers at 10100 Poison Spider Road.