The Natrona County Commission changed the fee structure for subdivision developers on Tuesday.

County development department director Jason Gutierrez said his department historically has charged $100 for developers who apply to subdivide land.

The application includes the requirement for a developer to hire a surveyor, and the surveyor then bills the county, he said.

The $100 fee still stands whether the surveyor charges the county $150 to survey two lots or charges $3,000 to survey ten lots.

The county budgets $20,000 a year to cover those costs, he said.

To make the process fair, Gutierrez said developers will need to shoulder their own costs and not pass them on to the county.

The county's Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved this change last month, his department has received no objections to the proposal, and other Wyoming counties employ the same billing practices.

However, commissioner Matt Keating objected, saying the county offers this as a service, and this will cost the developers.

Gutierrez responded that the development department is not trying to make a profit, but only break even.

The taxpayer, he added, ultimately picks up the tab when that cost should be borne by the developer.

Commissioner Rob Hendry said the county faces a lean fiscal year, and this would be one way to save money.

Commissioners approved the fee change, with Keating casting the lone no vote.

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