Yesterday was the unofficial Star Wars Day a.k.a. May The Fourth (because it sounds like the iconic movie line: "may the force be with you"), the today is Revenge of the Fifth (because it sounds like the Episode III movie title: "Revenge of the Sith"). It's okay... we know the sci-fi puns never get old.

To celebrate, the official National Park Service Facebook page shared an awesome history lesson along with classic photo of a Star Wars race of creature called Jawas. The caption stated

Jawas are passionate scavengers that comb the deserts for scraps to capture and sell. They have a reputation for swindling and selling hastily refurbished equipment and faulty droids. Be warned! Please stay alert and recreate responsibly. ⁣

Did you know Death Valley National Park stood in for “Tatooine” in several scenes of the Star Wars movie series, including Episode IV -- A New Hope and Star Wars Episode VI -- Return of the Jedi? Today, visitors can tour familiar filming stops at Dantes View, Twenty Mule Team Canyon, Colorful Desolation Canyon, and the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.

On any visit to a national park, do as the Jawas do and stay hydrated and wear comfortable shoes.

Learn more "at at":

Image: Three costumed Jawas on a tour at Death Valley National Park during Death Valley Dark Sky Festival.⁣ P.S. Jawas are fictional characters. If you come across one in Death Valley, you may be overheated. Photo Courtesy Matthew Gray

#MayTheFourthBeWithYou #RecreateResponsibly

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Wyoming has its own connection with classic science fiction films. The country's first national monument, Devils Tower, was a prominent fixture in the 1977 film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

That's not the only one either. Hell's Half Acre, located about 30 minutes outside of Casper, was used as the location for the fictional planet of Klendathu in the 1997 cult classic, Starship Troopers.

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