Moose Wilson Road Bill

The Senate gave initial approval to a bill that expresses some concerns the state has over a National Park Service study of what to do with the Moose Wilson road. Senator Leland Christensen (SD-17) said the bill allows lawmakers to weigh in on the study. The bill must pass two more readings in the Senate.

Game and Fish Funding Bill  

The House passed a Senate bill on third and final reading that would provide general fund money for the Wyoming Game and Fish Grizzly Bear Management program and employee health insurance costs. Representative Lee Filer (HD-12) said he supported the bill because the legislature puts a lot of demands on the Game and Fish, but doesn't allow the agency to raise license fees to cover their costs. Representative Allen Jaggi (HD-19) said he didn't support the bill because he thinks the agency is funded well enough.

Lawmakers Head to Canada 

House Majority Floor Leader Representative Kermit Brown (HD-14 ) said several Wyoming legislators are flying on a state plane Saturday to Alberta, Canada to tour a giant industrial complex. Brown said lawmakers hope the project will be a model for a similar endeavor in southwest Wyoming.