Here's the tweet from @WYDOT_Central about five hours ago and it hasn't improved on Casper's Outer Drive.
"09-DEC-2022 01:12 - WY258 Mills - Evansville: Closed to light, high-profile veh BOTH DIR due to Gusting Winds."
WYDOT District 2 posted this to their Facebook Page:
"Our weather station near the McKinley Street intersection currently recording average wind speeds of 42 mph with gusts of 58 mph. as of 5:30 a.m. We're also seeing wind gusts of 48 mph on I-25 at F Street Hill out of the southwest.
We don't have a lot of weather stations around the Casper area but this wind appears to be somewhat localized roughly following WYO 220 northeast toward Glenrock. The station on WYO 220 at Pathfinder Hill is reporting gusts of 33 mph with average winds of 24. To the east we're seeing gusts in the low 30s on I-25 at Deer Creek."
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