About 100 new affordable housing units coming to the town of Mills has officials there excited.  Mills Mayor, Tanise Lavering says $500,000 from the Wyoming Business Council makes important infrastructure improvements possible, namely the widening and extension of South 3rd Avenue.

"The road ended and we needed it to go through so that ambulances and police could then hit Beryl and go out. Then they don't need to turn around and go back."

Developer and owner Richard L Frankovic of Fresca LLC  contributes another $250,000 toward the required upgrades, plus any cost overage.

Lavering says the project will bring jobs and what she describes as a change in the dynamic of the town.

She predicts the additional housing will soon push population numbers up bringing the town of Mills closer to city status.

"Anything over 4000, then you put in to become a first class city."

The first homes in the Westside Community at Topaz may go up as early as this spring.




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