Casper’s Metro Animal Control Center is still in possession of several dozen cats that were taken in a massive raid last December.

Over 200 cats were seized by animal control officials over the weekend of Dec. 15 and 16 of 2012.

Steven Freel, a lieutenant with the Casper Police Department’s Support Services Section, says Metro is reaching out to other animal shelters in the region for help.

“A good majority of the cats have been placed up for adoption and have been taken by rescue groups to other facilities in other states,” Freel said.

Freel says, despite the strain on resources, Metro has handled the situation well.

“They’re not really encountering any issues,” Freel said. “They’re handling it as it needs to be handled, and they’re doing an outstanding job making sure the animals are cared for.”

More information on how to adopt a pet can be found at Metro’s website.