Natrona County Master Gardeners Farmers Market returns July 30th and Horticulturalist, Donna Cuin says they're hoping for lots of new vendors.

"Whether you just have a little bit of produce left from your garden and you want to share it with other people in the community and make a little bit of money to support your gardening habit or whether you have a lot of produce."

Cuin says vendor space is available to anyone with garden related product to sell. Vendor costs vary according to space needed, but come to around a dollar a foot. Ten feet counts as one vender space and costs ten dollars.

Cuin says they hope folks will come and buy once they kick off in two weeks.

"When we open at 7:30 in the morning we encourage lots of people to come out and shop for fresh produce. We also have some great vendors that sell preserved stuff and you can use that through the Fall and into the Winter months."

The Master Gardener's Farmer's Market runs from July 3oth through to September 24th every Saturday morning from 7am until noon and is located at the University Agricultural Extension Resource Center, 2011 Fairgrounds Road in Casper.