Despite Governor Matt Mead's assurance in the face of further budget cuts, that he'll look to maintain promised dollars to counties and municipalities, Natrona County government officials are wary.

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"The best we can hope for is that the legislature will go along with the Governor's request and give us that extra money, because we're all hurting. And I'm not being greedy. I'm saying it's basically to survive."

Natrona County Commission Chair Ed Opella  says he believes his fellow members of the County Commissioners Association feel the same way.

The legislature, however, has the final word. He says funds are mostly needed for infrastructure. Any new hiring he says would be done with great care.

"Because if you go adding people at this time with revenues being down your committing suicide, because your probably gonna have to lay somebody off after that."

A recent suggestion to create a separate parks department, he says, would not entail any new hires and a request for an additional code enforcement officer will only be done on a part-time basis.

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