A Casper man is back behind bars for bond violation.

Thirty-one-year old Larry Turner Junior is back in the Natrona County Detention Center after missing one day of reporting last month, as is required as part of his bond.

His attorney argued that Turner was unable to make it in because he was in the western part of Wyoming, and that bad weather and roads hampered his efforts to get back to Casper, even with an extended deadline.

Turner's bond allowed him to travel out of Natrona County for business.

A judge raised Turner's bond from $100,000 to $125,000, and ordered him back to the Detention Center until the new bond is paid.

His travel permit out of Natrona County was also revoked.

Turner is scheduled for trial in May, on a vehicular homicide charge, stemming from a fatal vehicle rollover incident in October 2011.

Prosecutors also tried to have Turner's bond revoked over an alleged alcohol related incident with his brother.

The judge threw out that motion, because there was not enough evidence.

Turner's brother was being investigated for a DUI, but the investigating officer did not talk to Larry, and did not attempt to get Larry to take a breathalyzer test.