One person has been charged in connection with a fatal car wreck last month.

Larry Turner was arrested by police for charges of vehicular homicide and 2 counts of aggravated assault in connection to a crash at 13th and King Boulevards back in October.

A crash in which Turner was the driver, according to one victim.

Casper Police say when officers arrived, they found a Cadillac laying on its roof and eventually determined that there were 4 people in the car at the time of the crash...none of which were wearing their seat-belts.

24-year old Dylan Brock of Casper was pronounced dead on the scene as a result of multiple blunt force injuries.

Another passenger, Lucas Meadows had his left arm ripped off as a result of the incident and had a broken lower back and may never walk again.

A 4th occupant, Monica Patro endured multiple fractures to her lower left leg and had a severe brain injury.

Officers say Turner was attempting to hide from them and one neighbor near the scene told police that Turner was in his back yard and that Turner offered him money to take him into his house.

Another neighbor said he could detect the odor of alcohol coming from turner's breath.

When interviewed by police, Turner said he did not remember being involved in the crash, and that Brock was driving the car.

Police examined the crash data retrieval system unit in the Cadillac and determined that the car was going south-bound on King Avenue and was going as fast as 109 miles per hour, about 5 seconds before the crash.

Officers later then interviewed Patro at the Wyoming Medical Center, who said she didn't remember the incident, but did recall that turner had stopped by her room and said the police were trying to pin him for driving.

A friend of Patro, told police that Turner had also visited Meadows' room and over-heard Turner say he was going to put this on Brock.

Meadows then told police that Turner and Brock had taken turns driving that night, but it was Turner behind the wheel at the time of the crash and that he told Turner several times to slow down, right before the crash and was attempting to put on a seat belt.

Police later drew blood from Turner at the hospital and sent it to the crime lab, which came back positive for cocaine.

As for Meadows, he's in a rehab facility in Colorado and has recently regained the ability to stand up.