A Mills man has been charged with stalking his ex-wife.

Joshua Woodall is facing two charges of criminal entry, along with charges of stalking, criminal trespass, and property damage.

Casper Police say on Saturday morning, March 8th, they received a call from Woodall's ex-wife saying that Joshua was at her residence and was not supposed to be there.

The two were divorced back in January.

The day before the call, Joshua was at his ex-wife's residence, helping her son with car maintenance.

Joshua was told to leave, and then his ex-wife went to go visit friends.

During that time, investigators say she received harassing texts from Joshua.

Once she returned home, she was watching a movie with a friend, when she heard the front door unlock and Joshua enter the residence.

Joshua left before police arrived, but not before taking a pair of shoes and cutting them up with a knife.

Sometime after that, officers were informed that Joshua had posted nude photos of his ex-wife on line.

Joshua was eventually found and arrested, and police located a knife that they say was used earlier.

He is free on bond awaiting trial.