The North Pole is bustling with last-minute Christmas prep. The elves are frantically wrapping the final presents, and Mrs. Claus is hard at work getting Santa's red suit ready for Sunday night. As for Santa, he's checking his list twice and visiting the reindeer stables to make sure his sleigh is ready for the big night.

Santa's not the only one gearing up for the flight across the world. Airline pilots, Google, and the U.S. government are also getting ready to support Saint Nick's trip across the country (and around the world.)

Christmas Magic Meets Modern Technology: How to Track Santa Claus

For 68 years now, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has monitored Santa's journey across the globe, ensuring Kris Kringle reaches his destinations without any trouble. NORAD continues the tradition this year, offering an online Santa Tracker for kids and families to use on Christmas Eve. During the holiday season, the website features games, music, and more for you to explore. On Christmas Eve, the Santa Tracker goes live.

According to NORAD, they track Santa's progress by using technology that typically monitors missiles to keep an eye on the energy put off by Rudolph's nose (who knew that bright red nose would end up being so helpful??)

If you're not going to be around a computer monitor, you can download the NORAD Santa Tracking app for on-the-go tracking.

Check out the Norad Santa Tracker here.

In recent years, Google has hopped onto the 'Tracking Santa' brigade. The search engine now offers its own tracking feature, which also features games and a countdown timer for the big day. Find fun games like Snowball Storm, Memory Match, and more while waiting for Santa to arrive.

Visit the Google Santa Tracker here.

When Will Santa Reach Wyoming Skies?

According to the experts at NORAD, Santa will arrive over Wyoming skies sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight. Will the kids see him? Well, NORAD reports that Santa skips houses where the kids are still awake and comes back later after they've fallen asleep. He's pretty sneaky like that.

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