It is crazy to think that things were SO different at this time four years ago. The coronavirus prompted a global pandemic that none of us have experienced before.

Now that it is springtime in 2024, it is easy to forget what life was like in Casper during the spring of 2020. Everything was shut down and everyone just stayed in their homes. If we were to venture outside, there were many precautions that needed to be made. Masks covering our faces were worn. You never left the house without an ample supply of hand sanitizer. You avoided family, friends, and well... everybody.

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I am by no means trying to stir up any sort of controversy or hard feelings. I have no interest in listening to the conspiracy theories of Covid or the government's handling of the situation. That is not what this is about.

No matter how you feel about the situation, 2020 threw a big wrench in the gears of all of our lives. It was a drastic and uneasy time filled with uncertainty. As time moved on, we learned more about what we were dealing with and things slowly went back to normal. Now that our lives have returned to close to "normal", it is weird to think that four short years ago EVERYTHING was different.

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